Airdrops Clarification

1. Airdrops is simply a free token given to the community to spread the awareness of the such token hence giving the developer a chance to be listed on Exchanges

2. Participating in Airdrops comes with zero risks since no investment required. Is just absolutely free

3. There are many airdrops but just keep trying but remember Airdrops are completely free and anyone that ask for penny is scam.

4. What is requirement to join Airdrops.
a. Anyone can join Airdrops no exception.
b. You must Complete the mandatory tasks assigned to such Airdrops to be eligible for rewards
c. Mandatory tasks that usually associated to Airdrops is joining their telegram group and channel and follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel and Facebook. The reason is to spread the awareness to the world.
d. Is very important to Submit your wallet address for rewards of your participation. Mostly use Wallet is Trust Wallet, Metamask Wallet, Wave Wallet, Imtoken, SafePal And Tronlink wallet.

5. Take note of this : Airdrops are Different on their protocol and I will update this on conducive time. Our team will continue to post best Airdrops where you can earn without investment.

6. This is hard proof and no one that has experienced in Airdrops can denied it that Airdrops have made many rich today. Take for a example of UNI, BNB, SFP, SO many others. Please take Airdrops serious.

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