Moondoge (Modo) Airdrop

New airdrop: Moondoge (Modo)
Reward: 400 MODO ($20)
Distribution: End of June

Bot Airdrop link: Airdrop Page

🔹Join MoondogeSwap Telegram Group
🔹Follow MoondogeSwap Twitter and Retweet, Like, and Comment Pinned Tweet and tag 3 friends.
🔹Follow MoondogeSwap Instagram. Like, and Comment first post and tag 3 friends.
🔹Complete the optional tasks
🔹Submit your details on the airdrop bot
🔹Also get 100 MODO ($5) for each referral (Up to 11 Referral)
🔹For more details about the airdrop, please read this article.

Note: MoonDogeSwap Smart Contract is being audited by CertiK Foundation. Total 1,000,000 MODO will be shared among all the participants who completed all the tasks and submit details correctly. This airdrop will be distributed to your wallet address on End of June.

Additional Information:
MoonDoge is a DeFi ecosystem created by a community of Dogecoin devotees. MoonDoge aims to explore the entire DeFi universe and extends to multi-chain operations, beginning with MoonDogeSwap, an automated market-making (AMM) liquidity protocol based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Note: Don’t send any fee or penny for receiving airdrop tokens. Also we don’t recommend you to invest in any new projects, just download our app and enjoy airdrops for free.

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