With just one sample testing centre for 12 crore people, the lowest doctor-patient ratio and the least number of hospital beds per patient among States, Bihar is poorly equipped to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. Many other big States also have low beds-patient and hospital-patient ratios.

State of testing centres

The chart plots the number of COVID-19 sample testing centres against the average number of people served by one testing centre across States. While Maharashtra has the highest number of testing centres and relatively better coverage, the State is still under-equipped to detect cases as one testing centre is available for 1.02 crore people.

What is the status of testing centres in States?

image/svg+xml012345678910111213Total testing centres0100200300400500600700800900100011001200No.of people served by a testing centre (in lakh)AverageAverageBihar is the worstequipped to detect casesFewer testcentres, lowcoverageMore testcentres, bettercoverageNumber of testing centresPeople (in lakhs) served by one centreMaharashtraU.P.T.N.KarnatakaW.B.OdishaKerala1200110010009008007006005004003002001000M.P.

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Beds and hospitals

The chart plots the number of government hospitals per one lakh population against the number of beds per one lakh population across States. Andhra Pradesh had the lowest hospital-population ratio while Bihar had the lowest bed-population ratio. Many big States also have poor bed and hospital ratios.

What is the status of beds and hospitals in States?

image/svg+xml020406080100120140160180200220240AverageAverageMore beds,more hospitalsFewer beds,more hospitalsBeds per 1 lakh peopleGovt. hospital per 1 lakh peopleBiharOdishaKarnatakaArunachalPradeshHimachalPradeshTamil NaduKerala14131211109876543210SikkimMizoramDelhi

Poor doctor ratio

According to WHO, there should be one doctor for 1,000 people. However, in Bihar, one allopathic doctor serves 43,788 people.

Which States had the poorest doctor-people ratio?

image/svg+xmlState/UTNo.of govt.allopathic doctorsPeople served byone doctorBihar2,79243,788Uttar Pradesh10,75421,702Jharkhand1,79321,157Madhya Pradesh4,58818,276Chhattisgarh1,62617,829

Better doctor ratio

Delhi was relatively better with one doctor for every 2,208 people. However, all States fall short of the WHO’s guideline on doctor ratio.

Which States had relatively better doctor-people ratio?

image/svg+xmlState/UTNo.of govt. allopathicdoctorsPeople served byone doctorDelhi9,1212,028Goa6442,429Sikkim2682,540Manipur1,0992,774Mizoram4372,797

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Sources: National Health Profile 2019, Indian Council  of Medical Research

Note: The data on testing centres in States is as of March 23

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