Do you Own a Business ?

Q) Do you own a business ? Or Do your Father own a business ?

A) Well we have a good news for you..!!

World has Digitized everything.

Once we use to go to restaurant to eat food, now food comes to you.

Once we need to board bus to get tickets. Now we can just book it online

Once we used to shop on local stores now it’s time for Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc..,

World has Modernized, Now Internet is everything.

For every business online presence is very important.

Do your Business has an Android ?

Well now you guys think that “Do I need a Android app for my business”

Well if you had a business like below should need an Android App to develop your market.

1. restaurant,
2. general store,
3. water plant,
4. Medical Store,
5. Photo Studio,
6. Bakery,
7. Shops related to rent,
8. Clothing stores,
9. Electronic Stores etc..,

So Finally you got to know that your business need an Android app, Chargers for Android app development is too high ie.., Lakhs of Rupees

But we are providing at Just 20,000/yr.

We challenge you that this is the Lowest price.


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To keep data clean, we separate web demo with data on android.


username : user

password : user

Below are the features and specifications with screenshots…


ML Online Store, this item is solution to run your online store, promotion and selling product through android application. Implement simple menu and navigation give your customers an amazing shopping experience. You can manage your product, category, news info, send notif and many more.

Developed with native language makes app run smooth and fast. Follow the latest design Google Material Design and beautiful animations effect. Good Design and Clean Code is our priority.

Admin side is integrated to manage product data, you can edit and update the data anywhere and anytime. FCM notification feature allow admin to send notifications to many users when there change with the data. Admin side build with PHP, angularJs, HTML and MySQL database, also follow the latest design Google Material Design trend.



  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Hide on scroll actionbar
  • Material Drawer
  • Wishlish Menu
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order History Menu
  • Animated Floating action button
  • Notification With Image
  • Beatifull Home Screen
  • Custom Dialog With Icon
  • Animated Toolbar
  • Search All Product
  • Search Product By Category
  • Dynamic Category Color
  • Dynamic Category Icon
  • Dynamic Currency
  • Dynamic Tax
  • Slider For Featured News
  • Slider For Image Details
  • Webview For Description
  • Filter Search Product
  • Beauty Splash Screen
  • All in one request API
  • Light Server Request
  • Support Android ICS 4.0 and up
  • App Version Control
  • Beauty Card View
  • Support multiple Image for one product
  • Support multiple Category for one product
  • Android Parallax Scrollbar
  • Notifications Sound Setting
  • Notification Vibration Setting
  • SQLite database for store offline data
  • Ripple Effect
  • Integrated with FCM push notification
  • Ads Banner & Interstitial Integrated
  • Using Android Studio & Build Gradle
  • Clean & Neat Code (relative)


  • Implement Material Design Web Admin
  • Material Form
  • Material dialog view
  • Support Multi User
  • Responsive Web Admin
  • Responsive Drawer Menu
  • Categories Display Product
  • Search Product
  • Responsive Table Web Admin
  • Using Angular Material
  • Easy Customize color
  • All in one API url
  • Support multiple Image Upload
  • Support multiple Category for one Product
  • Integrated with FCM push notification
  • Notification With Image
  • Direct Notification Single User
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Manage News Info
  • Manage App Version
  • Ripple Effect
  • Material Drawer
  • Beauty Cardview
  • Dashboard Report

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